Renée    Emanuel,    a    native    of    Northeast    Pennsylvania,    graduated    from Marywood   University   with   an   MFA   in   Painting.   She   creates   colorful   paintings in   acrylic,   watercolor   and   casein   that   celebrate   her   strong   connection   to   the land and the still life objects that evoke an interior landscape. She   has   been   recognized   as   an   award   winner   in   the   publication,   The   Best   of America,   Watercolor   Artists   and   Artisans .   She   is   a   signature   member   of the     National     Society     of     Painters     in     Casein     and     Acrylic     and     the Pennsylvania    Watercolor    Society .        Her    work    was    also    selected    for    the books   Watercolor   Expressions    and   The   Best   of   Acrylic   Painting ,   and   was the   focus   of   an   article,   “Cherished   Objects”   in    Country   Living   Magazine .      Her paintings   were   awarded   recognition   in   The   Best   of   Pennsylvania   Artists and    Artisans     and    represented    in    the    Small    Works,    North    America exhibition   in   Fairfield,   Connecticut.   She   participated   in   a   three   person   show called   City   Light    at   the   Melberger   Art   Center   in   Scranton,   PA.   and   in   a   two     person   exhibition,“   An   Intimate            Landscape ”   at   the Butternut    Gallery    in    Montrose    PA.    Her    work    was selected    for    the    exhibitions    Art    of    the    Land ”    and “Flocks    and    Feathers”     at    the    Everhart    Museum    in Scranton   PA.   This   year,   she   was   selected   to   be   on   the jury   of   selection   for   the   National   Society   of   Painters   in Casein and Acrylic. For   the   past   six   years,   she   was   a   director   at   ArtWorks Gallery   and   Studio   with   her   husband   and   fellow   artist Bill   Teitsworth.   Together   with   Bill,   her   director   Gloria Lance   and   coordinator   Nicole   Sawicki,   she   conceived and    developed    the    space,    the    educational    programs and   the   exhibition   schedule.      Currently,   a   full   time   artist, she     teaches     classes     in     watercolor     and     acrylics throughout     the     year     at     their     studio     in     Moscow, Pennsylvania.   She      co-teaches      plein-air   workshops   in Rockland,   Maine   with   her   husband.   As   a   result   of   the great   success   of   these   events,   they’ve   been   invited   to present wo r kshops in western Pennsylvania and in Florida.